Our Project

The organ at All Saints dates back to 1915. Built by Evans & Barr of Belfast, it was at the time a fine instrument of historical merit and remains one of the treasures of our Church.

Although regularly cared for over the years, it is now in need of major repair and restoration. For some time, the organ has failed to provide a predictable, reliable performance and has produced audible misbehaviours. To bring the organ into the 21st Century, the following is needed:

  • The pneumatic power motors, which open the wind chest, needs a complete overhaul;
  • The Electrical systems (which are over 40 years old) are failing (notes play on their own at unexpected times without prior warning) and need replacing;
  • A new console (where the organist sits to play) is needed;
  • Tonal vacancies from the specification are missing and need addressing.

The organ plays an essential part in our regular acts of worship; it is the ideal instrument for leading congregational singing and there is a strong choral tradition in the church. 

All Saints is a large Parish and many come to mark the significant rites of passage – births, marriages and deaths and, on these occasions, the organ contributes to prayer, thanksgiving, sharing, celebration and mourning.

From the wider community, music lovers attend concerts and special services. The Church is used by local schools, choirs and choral societies and other community groups. With this work completed, it is hoped we will also be able to welcome Recitalists from across the world to perform in Barry on what will be a famous instrument in the local area.

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