Churches no longer in use

Sadly, these churches are no longer open for Public Worship

The Church of St. Paul the Apostle

St Paul’s closed in 2016, for a time worship carried on in the hall until December 2017 when the last service was held. 

The Church of St. Baruc, Barry Island (Closed for Worship in 2019)

St. Baruc is an important Celtic saint of Wales. He was a student of the famous St. Cadoc and there has been a place of worship dedicated to Baruc since his burial there around the year 700AD. The name Barry is believed to be a corruption of Baruc and during the middle ages a pilgrimage to Baruc’s burial place was considered to be very important.  In fact 4 visits to Baruc were equal to 1 visit to Rome on the pilgrimage “league tables”.  Thus Barry Island became a very sacred Christian site.

The current Church of St. Baruc on Barry Island is a newer building  although the ruins of the ancient chapel and priest’s house are still used for a Celtic service on the feast of St. Baruc on 27th September each year.  

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