The Church of St Mary the Blessed Virgin

Service Time – 11am (Currently 10am due to COVID-19)


St Mary’s is a complete contrast to the Parish Church, it is a large town centre church, which in fact was never completed. This was due to the downturn in the wealth of the principal patroness of the church. Even so, the church was able to seat 500, this has now been greatly reduced, the main nave area will seat about 150.

St Mary’s was built for Tractarian worship (High Mass) and the High Altar boasts a splendid replica of crucifix and six candle stick from one of the Spanish Cathedrals. The church has now been partially re-ordered with a westward-facing nave altar and a westward altar in the side Chapel’ (the two new altars for these two places being consecrated by Bishop David Thomas in February 2002.)

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