The Parish Church of St Cadoc

Service Times – Sunday 9.30am (Currently suspended due to COVID-19)

Directions to St Cadocs

The Parish Church of St Cadoc

The ParishChurch is situated in the one-time village of Cadoxton and is affectionately referred to as the ‘OldVillageChurch’. One hundred and fifty years ago, Cadoxton was the largest village in the Barry area: for example, in 1844 the Parliamentary register contained 25 names: Twenty from Cadoxton and five from Barry.

The church was founded in 800AD and dedicated to St Cadoc, it was from the church that the village took its name.

St Cadoc’s Church is an ancient church, and is of historic interest, one of the historical attractions is a Laudian Altar-rail which ‘boxes in’ the Altar on three sides. It is a Grade11 listed building.  The present structure being Norman but built on the site of an earlier church founded by St Cadoc himself.

The church itself is nestled behind a row of large Yew trees, the graveyard is now closed, but the remembrance garden is still being used.

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